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Just a thought about the Tea Party in DC

If the get together in DC is not the result of Corporate “Astroturfing”, then it must have been put together by “Community Organizers”? Boy, did I get schooled by you guys about how worthless they are…

Comment by Beatnik_Soiree | September 10, 2009

And my response,

Or, it could just be a group of citizens, horrified at where their government is taking them, frustrated that thier congressmen are not listening, that the group in Washington is moving us along the destructive path at breakneck speed with no sign of stopping, that the corruption in Washington is so gargantuan in nature that so blatant at to be unspeakable and shameful.

Perhaps it is everyday Americans, grandparents, students, business men, laborers, children, veterans and folks from all walks of life who, like I did, got on the internet and actively sought out a place to go to vent and protest shout out about the actions of a government intent on “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. 

Having attended 4 different tea parties I will first hand report that the I did not see any signs of any sort of “organizing” of any kind except for the few grand souls who felt so strongly,  they acted on the idea planted by that original Boston Tea Party and helped put together the logistics that allowed it all to happen.

Was there organizing? Well, someone had to get the permit, donate or rent the stage, the sound system etc. There aint no free lunch. Evey one of the 4 I attended were self funded, by the people who cared enough to organize the events. Did folks e-mail out to the folks and groups they knew encouraging them to come, you bet, but I guarantee it was not the GOP (they wish they could garner this much enthusiasm and support!) or any big name PAC. In fact, a few of those people are now organizing and developing big name PACs of their own.

There is a growing uneasiness as Americans recognize the creeping dangers of the soft tyranny that is inevitable when government starts working toward “the greater good”. Most the Tea Party folks understand the benefits of freedom and self-reliance. They see that America is the most generous nation on earth, first to send aid to any tragedy, pouring billions into countries all over the world, never advancing or conquering. Of course not without faults or missteps. But a certainly a force for good in the world.  

The Tea Parties were protests, but they were the most respectful protest you have ever seen. Flags and red, white and blue everywhere. They started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the crowd sang patriotic songs together. Like a 4th of July picnic, the atmosphere was first, love and pride of country and second, fear and anger at where we are headed.

It is beginning to dawn on many that at the end of road we are on leads to a quasi European, inert middle class, guaranteed work times, vacations, healthcare, university cramped into small quarters, small cars and small dreams lifestyle where all are indeed equal. No one succeeds, no one fails, no one is exceptional, initiative and hard work earn the same as minimum effort.

There are no Donald Trumps or Barack Obama’s. If you are not born to money then your place is set and doomed to lives of quiet desperation with no chance to soar or splat.

I am here in Washington now, will continue to blog about our experiences. Tomorrow I will be volunteering to work behind the scenes at some activist workshops. I will let you know how slick and “well funded” the operation is.

I do know this. In all of 4 tea parties, I never saw one pre-made or mass produced sign……….


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