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Tea Party Protest Poem

In the home of the brave and the land of the free

Across our great nation from sea to shining sea

There’s something that’ stirring, a movement’s at hand

As the rustling of tea bag’s are heard ‘cross the land


The people are talking of hope and of change

And all that we have to give up in exchange

Are all of the things to which we hold dear

So these teabags are symbols for what must be made clear


“The Great Experiment” that’s America is not failing or wrong

Though many today are sure singing that song

Its not that its broken, it has worked just great

And my friends this is just what we are here to debate


A limited government is what our forefathers planned

With citizen legislators who’d travel the land

And meet to insure a few simple principles were kept

But sadly it seems, things have changed while we slept


So now instead of protecting our liberties and rights

Securing our borders and resolving our fights

Our governments decided in this New World Order Day

To redistribute our wealth and decide who should pay


They’re bailing out businesses too big to fail

And spending so much and on such a huge scale

Creating a debt that our children must bear

With a “tax the rich” cry that all know is unfair


Now they’ve talked about energy, and keep talking still

But not expanding supply via Drill, Baby Drill

It seems that the way they expect to be paid

Is a scheme, (or a scam) that some call Cap and Trade


And if that’s not enough, now they will care for our health

By destroying our system and spending our wealth

And just can’t believe that we can’t all agree

To run healthcare they way they run the DMV


The deficits rising so fast we can’t count

As the bills and the budgets and the promises mount

In just over 6 months, the debt to be paid

Has grown to the point that we now feel betrayed


The 545 folks we’ve entrusted

Are playing a game that leaves us disgusted

Between favors they’re granting and elite goodies they’re thrown

Make it look like the whole gangs run by Michael Corleone


With congress’ approval rate lower than low

We continue to watch wondering how low it will go

And yet its we who continue to give them our consent

With an incumbency rate of over 90%


Now they’re punishing progress and rewarding the few

Who didn’t keep up and who failed to construe

A commitment to living the life that you choose

Does not mean a hand out or any sort of excuse


Its time to stand up and declare, no more

For as much as they’d like to, we’re hard to ignore!

For the powers in the people, well its supposed to be

As a great roar’s heard across this nation: Don’t Tread on Me!


Our founders wouldn’t have it, as they took to the street

And dumped the tea in the harbor and feared not for defeat

If ever there was a time to look to history and be stirred

In the tradition of our fathers, its time to stand up and be heard


That this land that we love and of which we’re so proud

The reason we’re standing here today in this crowd

Must return to the principles and correct the mistake

That we can never no matter spend more than we make!


That the fruits of our labors are ours to keep

That like any harvest, you sow what you reap

You get what you give, a little or a lot

That our laws are for everyone, elected or not


That the strength of our land is the strength of our choice

We expect to be heard as we speak with one voice

That our government be returned, from where it was once before

And be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, once more!



Tina Ann


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