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Freedoms’s Gift

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Freedom’s Gift

 The world’s a different place today

Than years ago when ocean’s span

Brought mortal men to lead the way

And stand up to a tyrant’s hand,

We hold these truths, began the words

That changed the world from that day on,

Declaring before the king and world

That liberty had come to dawn


Shedding shackles tightened reach

From rights so deemed from king to man,

Inalienable and free from breach

As the Creator’s laws would rule this land

Since, countless tear and blood’s been shed

To bring this dream into the light

For freedom’s gift on which we tread

Demands a constant, vigil fight


Its freedom’s peril we invoke

When “us” and “them’s” between these shores,

Complacency still yields the yoke

Courageous wings allowed to soar

For once in time, did men unite

In causes bigger than their day

So risked the noose and dared to fight

And paid the price they had to pay


That reasonable men may disagree

On ways in which to run the state

Our land’s the freest of the free

As law, not guns decide our fate

Ancestral lines to us run deep

Though carried not by blood nor grade

Our founding fathers sowed the seed

Intent to leave a nation made


A birthright not of gold nor years

But purple mountains majesty

Old Glory waves to quell our fears

With courage cloaked in modesty

Conceived in liberty, raised to know

That sacrosanct, freedom’s assured

If we protect from friend and foe,

Precious liberties long ago secured


Tina Ann


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