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My New Blog!

Well my friends, here is my new blog! Long awaited, (by me at least), promised and talked about, planned for and researched until here I am, declaring to the world that in fact, I have something to say (and if you know me, many things to say). This will be my public forum to share thoughts and lessons as it relates mostly to politics, but could cross over to culture, music, religion and all the things on which there is a position to be taken or an opinion to be expressed.

Even if you think you don’t agree with me, actually, especially if you do not agree with me, I invite you to stay with me for a bit as we discover what true conservative values are and you may discover, like I did, that you are far more “conservative” than you think. If you read along for a while, you may decide that indeed you do not agree with me and we can engage in some spirited debate of patriots who disagree about what is best for our county….here’s a taste of what you will find…..

As you know, I am passionately patriotic and find myself quite uncomfortable with the direction the government has taken. So I wanted to get the blog up and running, since Keith and I are going to Washington DC next week to volunteer and march in Tax Payers March on Washington. (It is my hope to get to read my  Tea Party Protest Poem at this event. So far, I am just a volunteer, but…..we will see… worst case I will use my Mr. Microphone to gather a small crowd..;-)

My views, mostly conservative, but a bit libertarian, in nature, a student and admirer of the Framers and the great contract of America the Constitution.In the past year, I have embarked on a reading project to study the thoughts and ideas of the Founding Fathers, the process and history of the creation of the constitituion and the historic figures and writings the founders referred to and relied on when creating the constitution. I have been astonished upon learning just how far we have come from those original ideas and the direct line that draws to the ails or our nation.

I am hopeful that as I share the journey I am taking you will learn about the basic principles and values, thoughts and assumptions this unbelievable gathering of genius’ used to formulate the system that offers us the gift of living in the freest nation on earth. These freedoms were planned, spelled out, written down, fought for, bled for, died for. It has always been We the People who have fought for and preserved the greatness of our nation. It is time now to pay attention to protect these essential but fragile freedoms.

The United States was built on a premise of self-reliance, freedom of choice and the grace of valuing and protecting each individual life. As our government makes decisions that move us away from these ideas, while we may feel more secure in knowing government will be taking care of us, we must not forget the very premise which defines this country.

That is that our rights are inalienable and offered to us by the God of the Universe the original source of life, and not granted from government (some men) to its citizens (other men*). “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” (wrongly attributed to Barry Goldwater: actually said by Gerald Ford). The further we move away from small government/low taxes, the more of freedom (= taxes =$ to spend on the life we want) we are losing.

These are my themes, my memes. and if you are interested in joining the conversation, I would love to hear from you. Please bookmark and and check back at your leisure. I am looking forward to some great conversations!

I will try to explain my title, “The Accidental Conservative” in the coming blogs, at it is the story of an evolution rather than a revelation and I want to tell the story in my usual way of making a short story long. But hopefully the story will be told in an entertaining and enlightening way…..(very ambitous I know, so you will need to judge for yourself how I am doing) and I am hopeful you will come along for the ride. I can’t wait to hear from you.

This blog will not be the kind you might check several times a day for updates, but more like a daily essay on whatever topic has captured my attention and interest. I hope you will comment and engage in a conversation with me and each other. My true hope is to create a community of thoughtful readers who enjoy in the exchange and debate of ideas. The more you are able to articulate and defend your values and positions, the more sure you are of what you believe and why. Most of us are easily influenced when all we do is listen to pundits and others without stopping to discern between a variety of perspective. It is my hope to foster this opportunity for you. TA

* I hate the PC gender game, so please know that in this context, men = mankind, men/women, all the folks….


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