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I’m Back

Oh friends…it seems I am ensnared in the economic whirlwind affecting our country and basically, the world……..I am laid off…..

Of course this was somewhat of a surprise but not totally unexpected, or even unwelcome, except for the dismal job market and the economy driving that (lack of) a job market.Of course this has given me an entirely new perspective on what is going on in the country today.

Of course, at first, it was simply an academic exercise to understand the financial markets, the melt down, the seeming recovery, the behind the scenes actions impacting that recovery….but of course, all mulled and debated from the security of full time employment. While indeed an interesting exercise, and of course, I do indeed care about these issues and those affected by them, it is an entirely different discussion from the ranks of the unemployed.

So: sort of the good news and the bad news as I knew I did want to spend much longer in Corporate America but not sure I am in a position to start or purchase a small business. The risks and rewards of each are worth comparing and analyzing, and yet there is a huge new component of unknowns based on the new paradigm we are calling the current economy.

There is an obvious lack of confidence, as more jobs are lost each month, as retail and consumer spending continues to disappoint and the dollar continues its slow death spiral. If there is no confidence, businesses are unwilling to invest, customers are unwilling to let go of hard earned dollars and the prospects for new beginnings seem dim.

In fact, perhaps the real challenge is to remain upbeat and confident in the face of continued economic downturns. Some monies are being spent, some business is being transacted, some companies are hiring new employees, is there hope for an upturn……?

Sadly, while those that know me know I am indeed a cock-eyed optimist, I am also securely tied to reality. I want to be positive and believe both that things will begin to turn around and/or I can be successful in spite of all this (after all, even if unemployment is 10%: 90% of folks are working…..).

I am just not encouraged by what is happening is Washington…as we spend away the recovery, as we do not cut tax rates, as our current administration continues to implement ideas focused on fairness and equality  vs growth and the promotion of the free market, they are totally ignoring the proven tacts that actually spur growth. Why can’t we cut payroll taxes, income taxes,  capital gains taxes.

It simply seems lost that increasing taxes decreases revenues: this is a confirmed correlation: in fact, causation. We know when you tax things; those things reduce.  When you raise the tax on gas, folks buy less gas. When you increase taxes on payrolls, you are in effect planning to reduce payrolls….

Hmmm, does that mean the inverse is true too? Those things that are less taxed grow? Let’s see, if the government suddenly announced that employers would only have to pay half of the current payroll taxes (ok; not likely and I am making up stuff to make a point….) but, let’s say they did cut payroll taxes….do you think companies might take those $s that they are now not sending to the IRS and invest in their own growth……

Just seems hopelessly, willfully deceptive to ignore history….ignore that when President Kennedy  cut taxes in 1964 (ok, actually, JFK proposed the cuts in ’62, he was assassinated in ’63 and President Johnson signed the bill in ’64, but we will credit Kennedy as having the guts to propose it); Anyway, when taxes were cut in ’64,

Here is a quote from JFK:

“Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased – not a reduced – flow of revenues to the federal government.”

– John F. Kennedy, Jan. 17, 1963, annual budget message to the Congress, fiscal year 1964

and this:

“It is no contradiction – the most important single thing we can do to stimulate investment in today’s economy is to raise consumption by major reduction of individual income tax rates.”

– John F. Kennedy, Jan. 21, 1963, annual message to the Congress: “The Economic Report Of The President”

“Our tax system still siphons out of the private economy too large a share of personal and business purchasing power and reduces the incentive for risk, investment and effort – thereby aborting our recoveries and stifling our national growth rate.”

– John F. Kennedy, Jan. 24, 1963, message to Congress on tax reduction and reform, House Doc. 43, 88th Congress, 1st Session.

“A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget. Every taxpayer and his family will have more money left over after taxes for a new car, a new home, new conveniences, education and investment. Every businessman can keep a higher percentage of his profits in his cash register or put it to work expanding or improving his business, and as the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues.”

– John F. Kennedy, Sept. 18, 1963, radio and television address to the nation on tax-reduction bill

and of course, tax revenues did go up and brought about economic boom.

Then again: Reagan cut taxes in 1981: Reagan proposed a 25% tax cut across the board, much to the consternation of many in congress: who howled about tax cuts for the rich (sound familiar?). But of course, the cuts were made and the tax revenues increased from $244B in 1980 to $446B in 1989.

And what about the tax cuts for the rich? Well, in 1981, the top 10% of tax payers paid 48% of all taxes paid. In 1988, (after the tax cut) the percentage of taxes paid by the top 10% rose to 57.2%! What! Yes, that’s right, the lowering of the tax rates on the highest wage earners increased the % of tax they paid! and yet, the wage earners paid less tax (%) and so, revenues, and then of course tax revenues increased: a win-win for all.

And we are  not considering this avenue why? In fact: the administration will raise taxes on those earning > $250k (or whatever the # is today) to pay for all the new spending.

uh oh…..increase taxes and…you know the answer by now…..revenues go down…..what are we trying to accomplish again……


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Freedoms’s Gift

Friends, Apologize for infrequent postings: will return to daily updates starting Monday: Sept 28. In the meantime:

Freedom’s Gift

 The world’s a different place today

Than years ago when ocean’s span

Brought mortal men to lead the way

And stand up to a tyrant’s hand,

We hold these truths, began the words

That changed the world from that day on,

Declaring before the king and world

That liberty had come to dawn


Shedding shackles tightened reach

From rights so deemed from king to man,

Inalienable and free from breach

As the Creator’s laws would rule this land

Since, countless tear and blood’s been shed

To bring this dream into the light

For freedom’s gift on which we tread

Demands a constant, vigil fight


Its freedom’s peril we invoke

When “us” and “them’s” between these shores,

Complacency still yields the yoke

Courageous wings allowed to soar

For once in time, did men unite

In causes bigger than their day

So risked the noose and dared to fight

And paid the price they had to pay


That reasonable men may disagree

On ways in which to run the state

Our land’s the freest of the free

As law, not guns decide our fate

Ancestral lines to us run deep

Though carried not by blood nor grade

Our founding fathers sowed the seed

Intent to leave a nation made


A birthright not of gold nor years

But purple mountains majesty

Old Glory waves to quell our fears

With courage cloaked in modesty

Conceived in liberty, raised to know

That sacrosanct, freedom’s assured

If we protect from friend and foe,

Precious liberties long ago secured


Tina Ann

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A strange silence……

It still feels a bit like a dream: going to Washington DC and participating in the 912 march. Being around the (however many: insert large # here) people, all so friendly, so patriotic, so worried about their beloved country.

We partied like it was 1773… atmoshere much closer to a party than a protest.  It was so gratifying to have that experience and be in the middle of this throng of people who cared enough to give up time and money and to express their unhappiness with their government and downright unwillingness to stand aside in silence.

We noticed on the way out how clean the grounds that just an hour earlier had been wall to wall tea partiers replete with costumes, coolers, chairs and signs was now the pristine lawn one would expect of a national capital. There were several trash receptacles close by that were not only overflowing but had a ring of trash all around the can. Several protesters picked up stray bits of rubbish and did their best to deposit it in the erupting trash bins.

The contrastbetween the condition the mall was left in after the inauguration and the care the tea party crowd took in showing respect to their nation’s treasured properties spoke volumes. I urge you to click through the hyper link to see the photographic essay of the difference…..its breathtaking……(we have our own photo’s f the state of the mall: I will update once I get my hands on the pics…)

It’s interesting to me that nothing was made of this differnce…that no news organization thought that the contrast was newsworthy…just one more example of the media in this country ceding responsibility for truth telling to become simple propaganda machines.

All week before we left for the march, after we got home, and told people where we had been….so many conservative minded folks we know; people who are uneasy about where their government is going but are armed only with the superficial information deemed relevant by the (refuse to call them main stream when they are so blatantly not main stream or main street in any way); for simplicity sake how about State Run Media: SRM: anyway, so many people I know had no idea about the march. Several did not know about the tea party movement at all!

If you are not a political junkie, like many of us obviously are, so you are watching your local news or network national news; you are reading your local newspaper and the main news magazines of our day, Newsweek, Time etc: you simply may not realize not so much that there is something wrong with your news, but that there is something missing.

For how are you to know what you are not hearing? Not hearing about a million people marching on washington to show their unhappiness with a statist agenda and failure to protect liberty and freedom? How are you to know that the organization aligned with the President for over 20 years, for whom he worked, taught and defended has corruption blatant in its very design? In spite of spectacular corruption caught on tape….silence.

How would you know the White House is trying to use the National Endowment of the Arts to create propoganda to help push the administrations agenda, blurring, crossing and obliterating the lines of proprietity and conflict of interest. (at you, the tax payer’s expense, no less).

You didn’t hear that one of the President’s top advisors was a self-avowed communist who believes white people are intentionally steering poison into black communities or that one of the so-called czars thought putting sterilization chemicals into drinking waters is a good idea……..Imagine what else you do not know……

read…..investigate….seek out all news and all opinions…question all motives and all agendas……freedom requires our vigilance!

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The Million Mob March

Flight for 2 from OC, CA to Washington, DC:    $439

Hotel stay, Westin, Alexandria, VA:  $539

Taxis to and from Washington DC: $75

Participating and getting to see first hand 1+ MILLION Americans give their time and money to express thier proud patriotism and love of country as well as thier respectful dissent against the soft tyranny of the ever expanding nanny state: Priceless!

And that’s a fact! It was a priceless and practically indescribable experience. But I am going to do my best to share it with you… was indeed a once in a lifetime event.

We arrived at Freedom Plaza, an open courtyard space on Pennsylvania avenue 10 blocks from the White House, at 7:30am. Keith and I were volunteers and there were hundreds of people already there, about 50 already wearing their neon yellow volunteer shirts.

Our taxi dropped us off right behind a car converted into an old fashioned ship  with boxes of tea on its deck flying the Betsy Ross Flag. All around were American Flags of all sizes and signs of all shapes, sizes and addressing a variety of issues. Take a look at some of the pictures to get a feel for the crowd.

It was pretty much like the local tea parties we have been to, but of course with folks from all 50 states. Moms and dads, kids of all ages from babies in decorated strollers to kids to teens. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, people of all races, all ages, all professions, all walks of life. 

 There were literally no strangers in this crowd as folks spontaneously spoke with their neighbors, reached out and shook hands. They shared stories of previous tea party experiences and reasons for being there. Many talked about thier trips and thier committment to being there.

The crowd on the mall  kept growing and growing and the throng around the stage, where tea party organizers and supporters from all over the country spoke about their reason for being involved.

As volunteers, we were up and down the mall, seeing the crowd from all sides as well as being in the midst of it. At one point, when we realized we were short on volunteers, we went into the crowd doing on-the-spot recruiting and easily found 10 additional volunteers to help manage the crowd. The march was scheduled to start at 1 pm, but so many people had gathered at Freedom Plaza, the march started at 10:30 am.

We jumped in front of the crowd to get up to the West Lawn where the stage was set up and where we were set to work at the handicap section cordoned off next to the stage.

We passed bus after bus unloading as the first marchers moved up the street right behind us. The crowd looked pretty thin and spread out and I began to wonder if I had overestimated the number of people I saw gathering. Looking down the street, it became apparent that the police were holding the crowd back and allowing the traffic to  cross. So the crowd came in waves.

The flags and the red, white and blue clothing and gear were in sight everywhere. From our vantage point near the stage, we saw the lawn fill up on both sides of the stage, behind the fenced off areas, and all down the lawn. The Capitol building is directly in front of the Washington Monument, and the area in between is called the National Mall. We did not have a permit to the National Mall, but the crowd simply spilled onto the walkways on both sides all the way to the monument.

I looked around and gasped. The crowd moving down Pennsslyania Ave, to the right of the National Mall, was massive and filled in the street  solidly. For the next 3 hours, the people filled the street, marching and filling in every  spot available.

The speeches were great, mostly from local tea party and sponsor organizations, a few musical groups, with music all tailor made for the crowd and occasion. But it was the crowd and the camaraderie and the feeling of being part of the expression of pent up frustrations by so many of us. For each person who came to DC on 912 to express their unhappiness at the government takeover of healthcare, business, energy and so many more issues, we each know many more back home just like us who could not make the trip. Most of the folks we met were willing to do whatever it took to be there because they needed an outlet to release their frustrations. This rally gave us just that venue.

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Tea Party Protest Poem

In the home of the brave and the land of the free

Across our great nation from sea to shining sea

There’s something that’ stirring, a movement’s at hand

As the rustling of tea bag’s are heard ‘cross the land


The people are talking of hope and of change

And all that we have to give up in exchange

Are all of the things to which we hold dear

So these teabags are symbols for what must be made clear


“The Great Experiment” that’s America is not failing or wrong

Though many today are sure singing that song

Its not that its broken, it has worked just great

And my friends this is just what we are here to debate


A limited government is what our forefathers planned

With citizen legislators who’d travel the land

And meet to insure a few simple principles were kept

But sadly it seems, things have changed while we slept


So now instead of protecting our liberties and rights

Securing our borders and resolving our fights

Our governments decided in this New World Order Day

To redistribute our wealth and decide who should pay


They’re bailing out businesses too big to fail

And spending so much and on such a huge scale

Creating a debt that our children must bear

With a “tax the rich” cry that all know is unfair


Now they’ve talked about energy, and keep talking still

But not expanding supply via Drill, Baby Drill

It seems that the way they expect to be paid

Is a scheme, (or a scam) that some call Cap and Trade


And if that’s not enough, now they will care for our health

By destroying our system and spending our wealth

And just can’t believe that we can’t all agree

To run healthcare they way they run the DMV


The deficits rising so fast we can’t count

As the bills and the budgets and the promises mount

In just over 6 months, the debt to be paid

Has grown to the point that we now feel betrayed


The 545 folks we’ve entrusted

Are playing a game that leaves us disgusted

Between favors they’re granting and elite goodies they’re thrown

Make it look like the whole gangs run by Michael Corleone


With congress’ approval rate lower than low

We continue to watch wondering how low it will go

And yet its we who continue to give them our consent

With an incumbency rate of over 90%


Now they’re punishing progress and rewarding the few

Who didn’t keep up and who failed to construe

A commitment to living the life that you choose

Does not mean a hand out or any sort of excuse


Its time to stand up and declare, no more

For as much as they’d like to, we’re hard to ignore!

For the powers in the people, well its supposed to be

As a great roar’s heard across this nation: Don’t Tread on Me!


Our founders wouldn’t have it, as they took to the street

And dumped the tea in the harbor and feared not for defeat

If ever there was a time to look to history and be stirred

In the tradition of our fathers, its time to stand up and be heard


That this land that we love and of which we’re so proud

The reason we’re standing here today in this crowd

Must return to the principles and correct the mistake

That we can never no matter spend more than we make!


That the fruits of our labors are ours to keep

That like any harvest, you sow what you reap

You get what you give, a little or a lot

That our laws are for everyone, elected or not


That the strength of our land is the strength of our choice

We expect to be heard as we speak with one voice

That our government be returned, from where it was once before

And be a government of the people, by the people and for the people, once more!



Tina Ann

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the green shoots of rebirth

From the comment section:

Just a thought about the Tea Party in DC

If the get together in DC is not the result of Corporate “Astroturfing”, then it must have been put together by “Community Organizers”? Boy, did I get schooled by you guys about how worthless they are…

Comment by Beatnik_Soiree | September 10, 2009

And my response,

Or, it could just be a group of citizens, horrified at where their government is taking them, frustrated that thier congressmen are not listening, that the group in Washington is moving us along the destructive path at breakneck speed with no sign of stopping, that the corruption in Washington is so gargantuan in nature that so blatant at to be unspeakable and shameful.

Perhaps it is everyday Americans, grandparents, students, business men, laborers, children, veterans and folks from all walks of life who, like I did, got on the internet and actively sought out a place to go to vent and protest shout out about the actions of a government intent on “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. 

Having attended 4 different tea parties I will first hand report that the I did not see any signs of any sort of “organizing” of any kind except for the few grand souls who felt so strongly,  they acted on the idea planted by that original Boston Tea Party and helped put together the logistics that allowed it all to happen.

Was there organizing? Well, someone had to get the permit, donate or rent the stage, the sound system etc. There aint no free lunch. Evey one of the 4 I attended were self funded, by the people who cared enough to organize the events. Did folks e-mail out to the folks and groups they knew encouraging them to come, you bet, but I guarantee it was not the GOP (they wish they could garner this much enthusiasm and support!) or any big name PAC. In fact, a few of those people are now organizing and developing big name PACs of their own.

There is a growing uneasiness as Americans recognize the creeping dangers of the soft tyranny that is inevitable when government starts working toward “the greater good”. Most the Tea Party folks understand the benefits of freedom and self-reliance. They see that America is the most generous nation on earth, first to send aid to any tragedy, pouring billions into countries all over the world, never advancing or conquering. Of course not without faults or missteps. But a certainly a force for good in the world.  

The Tea Parties were protests, but they were the most respectful protest you have ever seen. Flags and red, white and blue everywhere. They started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the crowd sang patriotic songs together. Like a 4th of July picnic, the atmosphere was first, love and pride of country and second, fear and anger at where we are headed.

It is beginning to dawn on many that at the end of road we are on leads to a quasi European, inert middle class, guaranteed work times, vacations, healthcare, university cramped into small quarters, small cars and small dreams lifestyle where all are indeed equal. No one succeeds, no one fails, no one is exceptional, initiative and hard work earn the same as minimum effort.

There are no Donald Trumps or Barack Obama’s. If you are not born to money then your place is set and doomed to lives of quiet desperation with no chance to soar or splat.

I am here in Washington now, will continue to blog about our experiences. Tomorrow I will be volunteering to work behind the scenes at some activist workshops. I will let you know how slick and “well funded” the operation is.

I do know this. In all of 4 tea parties, I never saw one pre-made or mass produced sign……….

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A Tea Party?

I know some of my friends and family support the tea party movement, and some are barely aware of it. I got myself involved during one of the first waves around tax day, shortly after Rick Santelli’s rant on CNN that seemed to start a movement.

I was moved….as a believer in the fundamentals of small government and low taxes, I was horrified at the way our government was forsaking the free market and individual rights principles in favor of an expanding government designed to centralize decision making at the highest of levels. In fact, I continue to look on in wonder as the cabal of government and big business continue to weave a their self serving webs, with obvious conflicts of interest and nary a word of any sort of consequence past a tsk, tsk (or not) from the guardians of the truth media or leaders from either party……but I digress.

As most of you know, I always enjoy expressing my thoughts in verse, and so back around that time, I started thinking about how to concisely express my many frustrations. So, I did some research, wrote out some ideas and wrote a Tea Party Protest Poem. I found the organizers of the local event and presented myself and my poem at their meeting and was invited to share it with the crowd.

That day, April 15, ’09, was a picture perfect, blue sky day and it was so exciting to read it for 2k+ people gathered at the Plaza of the Flags in the center of the court district in Santa Ana, all there in support of the idea of the original Boston Tea Party.

That original Tea Party, in 1773 was indeed a repudiation of a tax on tea, but it was really so much more. …It was really the straw that broke the camel’s back and came after a series of actions including the Stamp Act (1765), the Townsend Acts (1767) and the Boston Massacre (1770). With a huge war debt, King George looked to the productive and industry rich colonies to help pay the debt after the French and Indian War.

The crown tried to mollify the colonists, by enacting a law with the tax that actually offered the colonists thier tea (a staple in that time) for significantly less than they were used to paying. But the free market patriots of the day understood that this was not just about the price of tea. In fact, it was about the governments right to control its citizens by the levying of taxes in a system that uses taxation to promote favoritism over one based on market demands.

But the colonials had a rich heritage, steeped in the lessons of the success and failures  from the descendants of the original settlements in 1607 in Jamestown, 400 years ago. The Jamestown settlers came and started out practicing European style communal socialism and they all but starved to death. Over the next 200 year, in a ruthless and unregulated world, a free market emerged and thrived and industry grew. People poured in from all over the world to take advantage of a land where minimal governence, tax and regulation led to the largest explosion of humanity in history.

There was no central design, there was no plan, but what there was, was the freedom to innovate, to experiment, to live  or die by the success of your ideas and ingenuity, the ability for the man born to the lowliest of stations to rise to the top with no social caste system to stop him, dependant only on his own skills and determination. The world recognized this revolution in thinking, the lack of a lord, the lack of a feudal taxation and control system, recognized the opportunities this held for each individual and so they came.

So when old King George thought he was going to simply pass a few laws, enact a couple of new taxes and solve his problems by soaking the rich colonies across the ocean, he had no idea that he was no longer dealing with a citizenry who’s history was one of a people who had been conquered and conquering for centuries. These New Americans, unlike those before them, now had a history of self rule and free market regulation. These new subjects’ make-up was one of a people who had seen first hand the grace of growth and innovation the principles of freedom had offered them.

This was the beginning of the American Revolution as a new breed of man, a new way of thinking came into being. A new independant land and a new independant thinker took matters into his own hands, and after shrugging off the chains of tyranny, came together to discuss and decide what kind of laws would suit this new land. The Founding Fathers, did not simply “think up” a bunch of good ideas and then assemble them into a document that offered procedural guidance for their newly fought for nation. On the contrary they looked to the great minds of history and agreed on the few central principles, based on what they called “Natural Law” that would provide the foundation to guide all future decisions and laws. I am so looking forward to exploring these in coming blogs.

So what does this all have to do with our modern day Tea Parties….well for me, the path is crystal clear. Our founders gave us this system of checks and balances to help ensure our nation can resolve her differences intact and in affect without violence through the electoral system. The New Tea Party movement, like the original in Boston, certainly has to do with a protest about taxes. Taxes affect our money and our money affects the life we lead and the things we can provide for our family. By taxation, the government can influence your buying behaviors and countless other decisions. The unlimited spending and quadrupled deficits will ultimately lead to higher taxes and we all know it, no matter how many times to the contrary we are told it will not.

Our current day protest, though, is about more: it is about speaking out against our government’s decisions to continue its reckless spending and borrowing; its speaking out against the nationalization of private industry; it is speaking out against the ignoring of the rule of law and the slow subversion of our rights to control the world around us. In addition we are reaching out to the people, to wake up and understand that the responsibility of a functioning society belongs to the citizens.  As we vote, we must look for those who represent the same values, the same ones the framers identified as essential to avoid the shift of powers from ones that support our individual freedoms to one whose support and control may be hidden behind the beneficence of a system that is designed to take care of you.

We the people must rid Washington of a government by the government and for the government by insisting that our representatives adhere to the basic precepts that protect our freedoms, protect our rights. More often our elected officials seem to forget they are elected to serve the people and instead see their role as the secret doorway to a club that the rest of us will never experience. Suddenly their role is to see how much stuff they can give away to the folks in their constituency so they can continue to be elected and live the life of perks a US congressman or senator is afforded.

I believe most go to Washington with the best of intentions to serve the people and change the world, but then they must get sucked into the life of Riley of private drivers, private dining, private health clubs and health care, no real accountability on issues like attendance or even voting record for the most part. Soon the job your representatives  is doing is voting on what is best for him and his party and position and all about his ability to get get re-elected above anything else.

With an incumbency rate in both Senate and Congress of > 90%, why should we expect any less. And yet, we have the power in our own hands to support those who support the original ideals of our founders.

The power is and always has been We the People, if only we can wake up and remember our responsibilities to  the freedoms we were so generously ceded by generations before us.  What does your representative stand for? Do the laws he votes for make your life easier or harder? (hint, if they increase spending and add to taxes or increased prices, the answer is always harder). How can he represent your views if you do not make them know?

With our current administration, continuing the misguided actions begun at the end of the last administration, ignoring the balances that the market requires by bailing out business, and on top of that hand picking CEOs, naming salaries, overruling existing bankruptcy laws, go-mingling the head of a supporter company on the Fed Reserve Board, appointing senior advisers with questionable backgrounds without benefits of the constitutionally mandated congressional oversight and approval (and who were obviously allowed in despite their inability to get a security clearance to visit the white house….)anyway….the point is, all actions of an administration who has no interest in adhering to the principles in the constitution but instead pursue an agenda of the statist with a centralized control of all decisions making.  This is of course a direct anathema to what the framers envisioned…. and so…….I protest.

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My New Blog!

Well my friends, here is my new blog! Long awaited, (by me at least), promised and talked about, planned for and researched until here I am, declaring to the world that in fact, I have something to say (and if you know me, many things to say). This will be my public forum to share thoughts and lessons as it relates mostly to politics, but could cross over to culture, music, religion and all the things on which there is a position to be taken or an opinion to be expressed.

Even if you think you don’t agree with me, actually, especially if you do not agree with me, I invite you to stay with me for a bit as we discover what true conservative values are and you may discover, like I did, that you are far more “conservative” than you think. If you read along for a while, you may decide that indeed you do not agree with me and we can engage in some spirited debate of patriots who disagree about what is best for our county….here’s a taste of what you will find…..

As you know, I am passionately patriotic and find myself quite uncomfortable with the direction the government has taken. So I wanted to get the blog up and running, since Keith and I are going to Washington DC next week to volunteer and march in Tax Payers March on Washington. (It is my hope to get to read my  Tea Party Protest Poem at this event. So far, I am just a volunteer, but…..we will see… worst case I will use my Mr. Microphone to gather a small crowd..;-)

My views, mostly conservative, but a bit libertarian, in nature, a student and admirer of the Framers and the great contract of America the Constitution.In the past year, I have embarked on a reading project to study the thoughts and ideas of the Founding Fathers, the process and history of the creation of the constitituion and the historic figures and writings the founders referred to and relied on when creating the constitution. I have been astonished upon learning just how far we have come from those original ideas and the direct line that draws to the ails or our nation.

I am hopeful that as I share the journey I am taking you will learn about the basic principles and values, thoughts and assumptions this unbelievable gathering of genius’ used to formulate the system that offers us the gift of living in the freest nation on earth. These freedoms were planned, spelled out, written down, fought for, bled for, died for. It has always been We the People who have fought for and preserved the greatness of our nation. It is time now to pay attention to protect these essential but fragile freedoms.

The United States was built on a premise of self-reliance, freedom of choice and the grace of valuing and protecting each individual life. As our government makes decisions that move us away from these ideas, while we may feel more secure in knowing government will be taking care of us, we must not forget the very premise which defines this country.

That is that our rights are inalienable and offered to us by the God of the Universe the original source of life, and not granted from government (some men) to its citizens (other men*). “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” (wrongly attributed to Barry Goldwater: actually said by Gerald Ford). The further we move away from small government/low taxes, the more of freedom (= taxes =$ to spend on the life we want) we are losing.

These are my themes, my memes. and if you are interested in joining the conversation, I would love to hear from you. Please bookmark and and check back at your leisure. I am looking forward to some great conversations!

I will try to explain my title, “The Accidental Conservative” in the coming blogs, at it is the story of an evolution rather than a revelation and I want to tell the story in my usual way of making a short story long. But hopefully the story will be told in an entertaining and enlightening way…..(very ambitous I know, so you will need to judge for yourself how I am doing) and I am hopeful you will come along for the ride. I can’t wait to hear from you.

This blog will not be the kind you might check several times a day for updates, but more like a daily essay on whatever topic has captured my attention and interest. I hope you will comment and engage in a conversation with me and each other. My true hope is to create a community of thoughtful readers who enjoy in the exchange and debate of ideas. The more you are able to articulate and defend your values and positions, the more sure you are of what you believe and why. Most of us are easily influenced when all we do is listen to pundits and others without stopping to discern between a variety of perspective. It is my hope to foster this opportunity for you. TA

* I hate the PC gender game, so please know that in this context, men = mankind, men/women, all the folks….

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